In his ministry spanning 66 years, given his ministry early start at the age of 17, Dr. Stephen Tong has introduced Christ to more than 35 million people worldwide. As a world-renowned evangelist, he has preached in Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South America. As an evangelist firmly rooted in Reformed Theology, Dr. Tong has called ±450,000 people to become full-time ministers of the Gospel.

He has been a guest lecturer at many leading theological seminaries in Asia and North America. As an ordained pastor, Dr. Tong is the founder of the Indonesian Reformed Evangelical Church (IREC), Reformed Institute for Christianity and 21st Century in Washington D.C., and the International Reformed Evangelical Seminary (IRES) in Jakarta. Holding an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary, Dr. Tong has written 75 books, including Theology of Evangelism and Culture and the Fall.

Dr. Tong is also the founder and the President of the Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International (STEMI) with offices in the United States, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. He is a member of the International Consultants of the Lausanne Committee of World Evangelization and was the main speaker at the General Assembly of the World Reformed Fellowship in Johannesburg 2006, Second Lausanne Congress in 1989, International Prayer Assembly in Seoul 1984, and Seminar Leader in Amsterdam (sponsored by Billy Graham Association) in 1988.

In his calling for the work of cultural mandate, Dr. Tong designed and built Aula Simfonia Jakarta (a 1,227-seat concert hall considered to be one with the best acoustic concert halls in the world) and established Galeria Sophilia with collections of western and eastern arts. In addition, Dr. Tong is the founder of the Reformed Center for Religion and Society, Calvin Christian School (primary and secondary education), and Calvin Institute of Technology (higher education).